How Do I Redeem My Free Tim Hortons Coffee?

What is Tim Hortons birthday reward?

Birthday Offer: If you: (i) are a Registered Participant; (ii) registered your birthday with your Account at least seven (7) days prior to your birthday; and (iii) made at least one (1) Eligible Transaction during the twelve (12) month period prior to your birthday, you will be eligible to receive one (1) Reward (a “ ….

Can I order Tim Hortons online?

We’ve improved your online shopping experience. You can now order your Tim Hortons Café & Bake Shop favorites directly on Treat yourself at home with delicious Tim Hortons beverages.

How do I pay with Tim Hortons app?

Once you’ve made your selection(s) from the Tim Hortons® menu, tap the red checkout button on the bottom right of your screen. Here, you’ll be prompted to enter payment details. If you select credit/debit card payment, enter your credit/debit card number, which will be saved within the app for future use.

How do I claim my free coffee from Tim Hortons?

How to redeem Tim Hortons rewardsYou have to be a registered user (linked your card to an account on the app) to choose your reward category.Your rewards will automatically be redeemed once you’ve collected enough points for your level and you make a purchase that includes a qualifying item.More items…•

How do I claim my Tim Hortons rewards?

Yes! It is simple and easy to use: download the Tim Hortons app or visit, register your Tims Rewards card (if you currently have one), choose a rewards level, start earning points and redeem those points for your favorite Tim Hortons beverages, baked goods or food.

Does Tim Hortons have free refills?

Sadly, no free refills, and their lids for their hot coffee spill too easily. … Tim Horton’s is more of a fast food kind of atmosphere, better for when you need a quick drink that tastes better than instant or generic restaurant coffee. They offer few condiments other than say milk/cream and sugar (or Splenda).

How do I redeem my Tim Hortons Roll Up app?

How do I claim my prizes? All Food & beverage prizes are available in the Rewards and Offers section in your Tims Rewards app. You can find this on the “Home” tab below the “Scan for Tims Rewards” and “Scan to Pay” buttons. Once activated, these prizes can be claimed until June 11, 2020.

What is Tim Hortons take 12?

Convenient, single-use container serves twelve cups. Tim’s Take Twelve includes 10oz. cups, stir sticks, cream, sugar and sugar substitute.

How do I register my TIMS card?

Registering and linking your card to a digital account is easy: 1. Download the Tim Hortons app or visit and sign in to your Tims Rewards Account. If you don’t have an account use the Sign-Up option and follow the prompts to become a registered Member.

How do you redeem free coffee on Tim Hortons app?

It is simple and easy to use: download the Tim Hortons app, link your Tims Rewards card (if you currently have one), choose a rewards level, start earning points and redeem those points for your favourite Tims beverages, baked goods or food.

What can you get with Tim rewards?

Tims Rewards members earn 10 Points for each eligible purchase. Get a reward for as little as 50 Points on a Classic or Specialty Donut or spend as many as 220 Points on a Chicken Wrap – the choice is yours!

How can I open a Tim Hortons?

In order to open a Tim Hortons restaurant franchise, you must have a net worth of more than $700,000. Appreciate the investment required for a franchise. You will need to consider real estate costs, the cost of equipment and signs, the costs of licenses and permits, the cost of uniforms, the cost of insurance, etc.

What is Tim Hortons Roll up the rim?

READ: Tim Hortons: Roll up your personal information to win Each prize — from a coffee to a car — was assigned a “winning timeframe,” a short period of time during which it could be won. If you were the first player to tap your app during that timeframe, you won the prize.

How do I check my Tim Hortons rewards card?

To check the balance of your TimCard® please call 1‑866‑TIM‑CARD (846‑2273). You have no items saved in your menu.

How do you use a Tim Hortons e gift card?

Add the eGift Card’s balance into the Tim Hortons App by tapping the main menu icon, then selecting My Tim’s Balance, then selecting Transfer a Tim Card balance. Type in the two sets of numbers listed on the eGift Card. Click Done and the balance on the eGift Card will be transferred into the App.

Can you walk through a drive through Tim Hortons?

It’s quite dependant on the location, but many states and provinces actually have laws disallowing certain classes of vehicle from being served in the drive thru and even more disallowing foot traffic. Official policy is no, due to safety reasons.

What does the Tim Hortons app do?

The updated Tim Hortons app is everything you love about Tim Hortons — now easier, faster, and more personal. Enjoy the convenience of Order & Pay, earn and spend Tims™ Rewards, quickly customize your order in the app and find the latest targeted offers — all through your phone!

Is Tim Hortons on skip the dishes?

The coffee-and-doughnut chain launched food delivery with Skip The Dishes, a food delivery app, through 148 restaurants in three cities — Vancouver, Ottawa and Edmonton — Monday.

How do Tim Hortons rewards work?

Tims Rewards is a no-frills program that generates rewards based on a customer’s number of visits. All customers have to do is scan their loyalty card at every Tim Hortons trip. After seven Timmies visits the next tea, coffee or baked good purchased will be free.