Question: Does Washington Apple Health Cover Prescriptions?

Does Washington Apple Health cover therapy?

Mental health and substance use disorder services — or behavioral health (BH) services — are available to you and your family through Apple Health.

Learn about BH services in Washington and how to access these benefits..

Does Washington Apple Health cover eye exams?

Eye exams, including tests for refraction and visual fields, are provided through your health plan. For children up to 20 years old — eyeglass frames, lenses, contact lenses, and fitting services are covered by Apple Health fee-for-service. providers_adult_medicaid.

What are the income limits for Washington Apple Health?

Today, Apple Health covers adults with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. In April 2020 that translated to about $17,609 for a single person or $36,156 for a family of four.

Does Washington Apple Health cover ER visits?

Services covered by Apple Health (Medicaid) Services covered by Apple Health: Appointments with a doctor or health care professional for necessary care. Medical care in an emergency.

Does Washington Apple Health cover dental for adults?

Apple Health (Medicaid) pays for covered dental services for adults (21 years and older).

How do I get free health insurance in Washington state?

To find out if you qualify, call Community Health Access Program (CHAP) 206-284-0331 or 800-756-5437 or visit our assistance page. Opportunities to buy low-cost insurance on Washington Healthplanfinder: Native Americans and Alaska Natives (who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe) can enroll at any time.

Does Washington Apple Health cover Invisalign?

Yes. Orthodontic and orthodontic-related services for eligible clients enrolled in an agency- contracted managed care organization (MCO) are covered under Washington Apple Health fee- for-service.

Does Washington State Medicaid cover dental?

Most dental services for adults age 21 and older, children age 20 and younger, pregnant women and some adults with disabilities are covered through your Washington State Medicaid Services Card. Click here for more information.

Does Washington Apple Health Care cover dental?

As a Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) Apple Health member, you have coverage for dental services through the Washington State Health Care Authority. Use your ProviderOne card with any dentist who accepts Apple Health. In addition, CHPW covers accidental injury to teeth.

What qualifies as low income in Washington state?

New numbers show households making $72,000 in King and Snohomish counties are considered ‘low income. … The low-income limit is 80 percent of the median income in those counties. Very low income limits, which are 50 percent of median income, are $48,000. Extremely low-income is $28,800.

How do I sign up for Washington Apple Health?

Phone: Call the Washington Healthplanfinder Customer Support Center at 1-855-923-4633. Paper: Submit an Application for health care coverage (18-001P). In-person: Local resources who, at no additional cost, can help you apply for health coverage.

What dental services does Molina Healthcare cover?

Molina Healthcare covers dental services, including oral surgeons, X-rays, fillings, crowns (caps), root canals, dentures and extractions (pulling). Molina Healthcare covers dental exams every six months as a value-added service. Molina Healthcare covers one cleaning every six months as a value-added service.

What does WA apple health cover?

In Washington State, Medicaid is called Apple Health. Apple Health provides preventative care, like cancer screenings, treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure, and many other health care services. If you are a biller, provider, or partner: visit our Billers, providers, and partners webpage.

Is Apple health the same as Molina?

Welcome to Molina Healthcare Apple Health (Medicaid) Molina Healthcare Apple Health (Medicaid) provides quality free or low-cost health care for your family. Find out more about your health plan, what’s covered and the many programs we offer you and your family.

Do I qualify for Washington Apple Health?

You may be eligible for Apple Health for Adults coverage if you: Are age 19 through 64. Have annual household income at or below the Medicaid standard (see income chart below). … Are a U.S. citizen or meet Medicaid immigration requirements.