Question: How Do I Get An AME Certificate?

Who is current DGCA?

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (India)Regulator overviewRegulator executiveArun Kumar, IAS, Director General J.


Rawat, JDG Lalit Gupta, JDG G.

Rajsekhar, JDG Ravi Krishna, JDG K.


Srivastava, DDG Sudipta Datta, DDG Ashutosh Vasistha, DDGParent RegulatorMinistry of Civil Aviation (India)4 more rows.

What is a DGCA certificate?

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has renewed the GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigaion (GAGAN) system for Navigation Performance level of Approach with Vertical Guidance (APV-1) over India & Required Navigation performance (RNP0.

How do you become an AME FAA?

What are the FAA training requirements to become an AME ? Please be advised that you must not complete courses if you have not submitted an application via, and been approved by the appropriate FAA region to attend training. Training course requirements can be located on the AME web page.

What is the starting salary of AME in India?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Average Salary The average salary for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is ₹6,73,200 per year (₹56,100 per month), which is ₹2,85,700 (+74%) higher than the national average salary in India. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can expect an average starting salary of ₹1,10,300.

What is the salary of AME in India?

AME are highly paid professional. At the time of training candidate will get stipend which is around INR 15000 to 25000 per month. After getting license Aircraft Maintenance Engineering jobs salary according to the payscale is approx INR 40 lakhs per annum.

Who can give DGCA?

Course Details & EligibilityThe candidate must have passed 10+2 examination in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from a recognized board or university or its equivalent.A candidate must be at least 16 years of age at the time of admission.A candidate should not have colour blindness problem.More items…•

How do I get a DGCA certificate?

ELIGIBILITY:Minimum 10 + 2 educational qualification (DGCA license requires Physics and Mathematics).Good command of English (Read, Write & Speak): Minimum ICAO Level 4 required by airlines.Issue of I20 for M1 visa. Click here as we guide you for admission /visa process.

Is Ame a good career option?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a lucrative career option for those who are looking to establish a career in the aviation industry. While there are a plethora of opportunities in this sector, a career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering can be rewarding in multiple ways.

Who earns more pilot or engineer?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports there were 81,000 aerospace engineers and 103,500 pilots employed in 2010. Aerospace engineers had a higher median annual salary in 2012 than commercial pilots, but airline pilots had higher salaries than both professions.

How long does it take to become an AME?

In order to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, you need to have at least four years of aircraft maintenance experience.

Is AME CET fake?

Yes ,AME Cet is totally Fake Exam according To DGCA government of India . I have given this exam and totally im in huge Loss , Students Who are Interested in aviation can Directly take Admission In AME Colleges which are approved By DGCA Directly.

Is Ame a degree?

Aircraft maintenance engineering is not a degree or a diploma course, but a training programme. On completion of the training, a licence is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). … degree holders after Plus Two with maths, physics and chemistry are eligible for admission to AME training courses.

What is the salary of AME?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) SalaryPercentileSalary25th Percentile Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Salary$62,62950th Percentile Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Salary$72,45575th Percentile Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Salary$81,83490th Percentile Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Salary$90,3731 more row

Is Ame a good job?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a good career in aviation. AME is a responsible and promising job in the aviation sector. Every aircraft need regular maintenance before takeoff of a flight. … If you have interest and passion for Aircraft maintenance field then there is no reason as to why you can not pursue it.

Which college is best for AME?

List of Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges in IndiaAlpine Institute of Aeronautics, Dehradun. … Wingsss College of Aviation Technology. … Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics, Gurugram, Haryana. … JRN Institute of Aviation Technology, Mundka, Delhi. … Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, Patna, Bihar. … HCAT, Kanyakumari.More items…