Question: Should I Buy A Tool Chest?

What is the best tool chest to buy?

Best Overall: Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box.

Runner Up, Best Overall: Husky 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench.

Best Budget: Excel Portable Steel Tool Box.

Best for Small Spaces: Excel TB2105X 26-Inch Chest.

Best Basic: WEN 74603 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest.More items…•.

How do I choose a tool chest?

Higher quality tool chests will include heavier load ratings on drawers, better drawer sliding hardware and bearings, thicker gauge steel, and better paint and exterior finish. You can also find tool chests with features that include built-in power strips and lighting.

Why do snap on tools cost so much?

The extra cost is due to much more R+D and MUCH better engineering of the Tools and other stuff. That makes it cost a little more. Then they use better steel’s to make a stronger tool.

How do I organize my hand tools?

12 Brilliant Tool Organization IdeasCompressor and Pneumadict Tool Storage. This rolling cart is a great idea to house a compressor and organize the associated pneumatic tools. … Tool cabinet with peg board. … Peg Board. … Flip Top Storage. … Portable Pegboard Rack. … French Cleat Blade Storage. … DIY Tool Chest.

What gauge steel are Craftsman tool boxes?

CRAFTSMAN 5-Drawer Ball-Bearing Steel Tool Chest Combo (Black) 1000 Series 26-in W x 44-in HMaterial20-24 gauge steel construction is built to lastNumber of Drawers5BrandCraftsman

What gauge metal are Snap On Tool Boxes?

The typical gauge of steel used falls into the 18-22G range.

Do I need a tool chest?

Here’s a why a tool chest or toolbox is such an essential thing to have; Your tools are in a convenient location, ready for when you need them. They’re also safely and securely stored away. An organised tool chest can make your tasks quicker and more efficient.

Why are tool chests so expensive?

The reason they state is quality and they keep it those prices because people will pay it. If you work on a car every single day and are opening the drawers and closing every couple seconds, that is a lot of wear and tear. Snap-on’s are built to last and built to be durable.

Are Matco Tools worth the money?

It’s atleast as good as Mac and the prices are pretty similar. I’ve got a lot of Matco stuff. Their air tools seem to all me I/R. Most of their pliers are very high quality, much better than Mac pliers which don’t seem any better than Craftsman.

Are Harbor Freight tool chests any good?

Harbor Freight has a hard-earned reputation for making some of the best tool storage units on the market. While you may want to avoid many cheaper products at Harbor Freight, US General chests and cabinets are top notch and consistently recommended in online forums for mechanics.

What is the best tool storage system?

Best Mechanics Tool Box. Gearwrench 239 pc Mechanics Tool Set. … Best Tool Box for the Garage. DeWalt ToughSystem (and 2.0) … Best Stackable Tool Boxes. Festool Systainers (by Tanos) … Best Tool Box Kit with Tools. Gearwrench 243 Pc 6-pt Mechanics Tool Set.

How do I organize my tools DIY?

Clever Tool Storage IdeasGlue rigid foam insulation to a plywood base. … Slit a length of garden hose. … Hang wrenches on a tie/belt rack. … Secure tools with a bent pegboard holder. … Build a PVC pipe tool rack. … Slit a section of PVC pipe. … Screw pie tins and plates to your shop wall. … Make a plywood saw blade tote.More items…