Question: What Is The Best Wall Covering For A Garage?

What can I use to cover garage walls?

Instead of drywall, consider covering garage walls with cement board panels.

These panels make it easy to add tile, or even stone veneer.

Using stone veneer over cement board, you can create an exposed brick or natural stone wall in the garage..

What is the cheapest way to finish a garage wall?

Shiplap is actually the perfect choice for garage walls. It’s durable, inexpensive, and easy to install. Unlike drywall, the solid wood makes it perfect for securing anything, anywhere with hooks or nails. One of the best features of shiplap is the speed of the install.

What type of paint is best for garage walls?

interior latex paintWhat is the Best Paint for Garage Walls and Ceilings? The best of paint for garage walls and ceilings is interior latex paint. Latex paint is quick drying, has a minimal odor, and because it is water-based, it can be thinned with water instead of paint thinner.

How can I insulate my garage cheaply?

Fiberglass roll insulation is the cheapest and easiest type to install, provided that your garage’s interior walls have not been constructed. Unroll the insulation between the wall studs with the vapor barrier facing the inside of the garage.

Should an unheated garage be insulated?

Yes, insulation is always worth doing no matter if you heat the garage or not. In the winter, the garage stays 30-40 degrees above outside temperature with no heat added. …