Question: What Is The Definition Of Expected?

How do you use expected in a sentence?

Use “as expected” in a sentence | “as expected” sentence examplesAs expected, excessive drinking caught up with him.As expected, the whole family was shocked by the news.Engineers noticed that the pipes were not expanding as expected.As expected, management said the workers’ pay claim was too high.More items…•.

How do you use the word except?

When to use Except Except usually functions as a preposition or a conjunction. As a preposition, except means “but.” As a conjunction, except is often followed by “that,” and it means “only” or “with the exception of.” In the rare cases that except functions as a verb, it means “to exclude, to object.”

What does expected mean in text?

thought to be about to arrive or occurexpected(Adjective) Anticipated; thought to be about to arrive or occur.

Does expected mean required?

To consider obligatory or required. To consider reasonably due. You are expected to get the task done by the end of next week.

Is expected the same as required?

Both are correct, but the meaning is slightly different. “Expect” refers to your boss’s state of mind; “require” refers to his rights as your employer.

Are not expected meaning?

not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure; an unexpected development.

What kind of word is except?

The word except means ‘not including’. It can be used as a preposition or a conjunction. When used as a preposition, except is followed by a noun.

Can a sentence start with except?

Start with your main idea – not an exception. When you start a sentence with an introductory phrase or clause beginning with “except,” you almost certainly force the reader to reread your sentence. You are stating an exception to a rule before you have stated the underlying rule.

What is mean by expected?

to look forward to; regard as likely to happen; anticipate the occurrence or the coming of: I expect to read it. I expect him later. She expects that they will come. to look for with reason or justification: We expect obedience.

What are synonyms for expected?


What do you mean by except?

Except usually means “unless” or “excluding,” but it’s sometimes used as verb “to leave out.” Read all the examples below except the ones you don’t like: He defined solitary confinement as an inmate being held in isolation from all except guards for at least 22 hours a day. ( Reuters)