Question: What Is The Phrasal Verb Of Add Up?

What is the meaning of add up phrasal verb?

phrasal verb.

add up (informal) ​(especially in negative sentences) to seem reasonable; to make sense.

His story just doesn’t add up..

Why do we add up to verbs?

You are correct to notice that people add “up” to verbs in relaxed or informal speech. “Look” and “Look up” mean two different things, as do “Sit down” and “Sit up.” But “There is an old fort up on the hill” means exactly the same thing as “There is an old fort on the hill.” When people saw Superman, they said, “Look!

Do not add up meaning?

If facts or events do not add up, they make you confused about a situation because they do not seem to be consistent. If something that someone has said or done adds up, it is reasonable and sensible.

What is the meaning of admit of?

: to allow or permit (something, such as an answer or solution) a question that admits of two possible answers.

What does minus mean?

Use the word minus to mean “less” or “with the subtraction of.” When it’s minus fifteen degrees outside, it’s fifteen below zero — or fifteen degrees less than zero. Whenever you talk about negative numbers, whether they relate to temperature or your bank account, the adjective minus always applies.

What is the meaning of add up?

intransitive verb. 1a : to come to the expected total the bill doesn’t add up. b : to form an intelligible pattern : make sense her story just doesn’t add up. 2a : amount sense 1b —used with tothe play adds up to a lot of laughs.

How do you use add up in a sentence?

Add-up-to sentence examplesYou can also add up to two additional color cameras to this system. … All of these small daily activities ultimately add up to a lot of exercise. … curl of the lip all add up to the perfect picture of disaffected youth.More items…

How do you use add up?

add up​(especially in negative sentences) to seem reasonable; to make sense. His story just doesn’t add up.​(especially in negative sentences) (of numbers) to make a total that seems reasonable or is useful. We can’t sponsor this project. … ​to increase by small amounts until there is a large total.

What does add up mean on Snapchat?

When it says that, it means that someone typed in your specific username on snapchat,and added you. Or they searched up part of your username, and your username was recommended by snapchat to that person. … I search for someone who is definitely on Snapchat but when I add them I get a message that they couldn’t be found.

What is the other word for ADD?

What is another word for add?totalcalculateadd togetheradd upsum uptally upcount upfind the sum ofdo additionfigure up223 more rows

What does it mean to make sense?

1 : to have a clear meaning : to be easy to understand We read the recommendations and thought they made (perfect) sense. The instructions don’t make any sense (at all). The instructions make no sense (at all). 2 : to be reasonable It makes sense to leave early to avoid traffic. …