Question: Which Caste Is Desai?

What is the caste of Patil surname?

Patil Surname User-submission: Ths Birajdar surname is found in the Hindu-Maratha-Lingayat castes as well as among Muslims..

Is Tendulkar a Brahmin?

Tendulkar was born into a Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin family, in Mumbai. His mother Rajni worked in the insurance industry, and his father Ramesh Tendulkar, a Marathi novelist, named Tendulkar after his favourite music director, Sachin Dev Burman.

WHO IS Mehta caste?

Among Oswals, Porwal Banias, and Punjabi Khatris, Mehta is a clan name. It is used as Surname by the Khatri community including Aroras of Punjab, the Lohana and Sindhi community of Western Gujarat and Sindh, the Multani community of Multan and Jains of Maharashtra and Mumbai.

Which caste is Maratha?

The Maratha Kshatriya caste — which is spread over 96 clans in the Deccan and played a key role in bringing an end to Mughal rule in India — is born out of the union of the Kshatriya clans of the Deccan and some Kshatriya/Rajput clans from the north.

Is Mehra lower caste?

Mehra is a Indian last name belonging to the Kshatriya (in hindi) or Khatri (in Punjabi) caste. … Some Mehra families also adapted the names Malhotra, Mehlotra or Mehrotra.

Is Sourav Ganguly Brahmin?

Incidentally, the most booed cricketer in Indian history is Ravi Shastri, a Brahmin. Even Sourav Ganguly, who was booed for a brief period across the country, is a Brahmin. … Stevenson, however, errs in calling Anand a Dalit; he is a Tamil Brahmin.

Is Desai a common last name?

The Desai family name was found in the USA, and the UK between 1891 and 1920. The most Desai families were found in the USA in 1920. … Colorado and 8 other states had the highest population of Desai families in 1920.

Which caste is Srivastava?

Chitraguptvanshi KayasthasSrivastavas are one of the twelve sub-clans of the Chitraguptvanshi Kayasthas that were traditionally involved in record-keeping, administration and military services. The clan was influential during medieval Hindu and Islamic empires in the Indian subcontinent, earning such titles as Lala, Pandit and Thakur.

Who is best Maratha or Rajput?

Yes, Maratha Empire is larger than Rajput Empire. One prominent to remember is that Maratha was the warrior who always used their presence of mind and power both. While Rajputs are known for their bravery. Rajput was the braviest Empire ever in india.

Is kayastha greater than Brahmin?

According to Christian Novetzke, in medieval India, Kayastha in certain parts were considered either as Brahmins or equal to Brahmins. Several religious councils and institutions have subsequently stated the varna status of Chitraguptvanshi Kayasthas to be Brahmin and CKPs as Kshatriya.

Are Doshi Jains?

According to Oswal Jain Gyati Mahodya (ancient book on the history of Oswals) the Doshi are descended from Thakur Heer Singh Sonigara, ruler of Bhatia (old name of Jaisalmer) in Rajasthan in 160 AD. … Most Gujaratis believe this is the story behind the last name “Doshi”.

Where does the name Patel come from?

The last name Patel carries Indian roots and remains most common among Indians. The word comes from Gujarati, an Indo-European language spoken in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The Hindu name originally translated to “headman” or “village chief” and was first given to those in positions of leadership.

Is Maratha high caste?

In independent India, these Marathas became the dominant political force in the newly-formed state of Maharashtra. … The Maratha are ranked lower under this classification than the above castes but are considered higher than the Kunbi, backward castes and castes that were considered ritually impure.

Is Sonu Nigam Brahmin?

Sonu Nigam belongs to the Kayastha Brahmin clan. His mother was a Garhwali woman. … Sonu was also involved in an affair with his future wife Madhurima, a Bengali woman. They had a courtship for a couple of years before taking the seven vows on 15 February 2002.

Can Patel marry Brahmin?

yes 100% they can marry if they are adult. … Love is beyond all bars of Caste, Creed or Color, so if the two are in love then the question of caste does not arise as they would like to marry irrespective of being Patel or Brahmin.

What caste is Lamba?

SuryavanshiLamba (लांबा) Surname – In Northwest India and Pakistan , notably the Punjab & Haryana region, Lamba is a Jat and Khatri ( Suryavanshi ) surname.

What is the meaning of Desai?

Indian (Gujarat and Maharashtra) : Hindu name meaning ‘landlord’, from Sanskrit deša ‘country’ + svāmī ‘lord’, ‘master’.

Are Saxena Brahmins?

About the Saxena surname The Kayastha trace their geneology from “Adi Purush” Shri Chitraguptaji Maharaj. … Thus, the Kayasthas were accorded a dual caste, Brahmin (learned)/Kshatriya (warrior).

How do you pronounce Desai?

Desai – Desai (દેસાઈ) (देसाई) (pronounced [d̪eːsaːiː]) is an administrative, princely or honorary title and surname.

Is Ganguly a Brahmin?

Ganguly (also called Ganguli, Ganguly, Gangulee, Gangoly or Gangopadhyay) is an Indian family name of a Bengali Kanyakubja Brahmin caste; it is a variant of Gangopadhyay(a) Gônggopaddhae.

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