Question: Who Qualifies For Manitoba Housing?

What is considered low income in Manitoba?

Income by Quintile – Canada and ManitobaCanadaIncome RangeDescriptionManitobaQuintile 1Up to $40,000Poor and near poorQuintile 2$40,000 – $60, 000Lower-middle or modest incomeQuintile 3$60,000-$85,000Middle income7 more rows•Jul 29, 2011.

How much is rent assist in Manitoba?

For the majority of the thousands of Manitobans who are part of the program, monthly benefits will increase. A two-person household on social assistance, for example, will be eligible for $684 a month, up from $658, as of next month.

How do I apply for rent assistance in Manitoba?

Applying. To apply for non-EIA Rent Assist, you can download an application form, or call Provincial Services at 204-948-7368 in Winnipeg; 1-877-587-6224 toll free; or TTY 204-948-3698 to have an application form mailed to you. If you apply for EIA benefits, your eligibility for Rent Assist will also be assessed.

What is the average salary in Winnipeg?

The average salary in Winnipeg, Manitoba is C$53k. Trends in wages decreased by -100.0 percent in Q3 2020. The cost of living in Winnipeg, Manitoba is 100 percent higher than the national average.

How long is the waiting list for Manitoba Housing?

Currently, the wait times for vacant rental suites with Winnipeg Housing range from 6 months to 2 years depending on the size and location of the suite needed. In order to ensure the shortest wait time possible, be sure to select as many different areas possible where you would consider living on your application.

How does Manitoba Housing calculate rent?

How is my rent calculated? Monthly rent is based on a percentage of household income. Total monthly payable rent includes your rent plus other applicable fees such as parking or tenant services. For applicants receiving Employment and Income Assistance (EIA), rent will be equal to Rent Assist.

What is Manitoba Housing?

Manitoba Housing provides a wide range of subsidized housing throughout the province of Manitoba. We partner with other governments, community organizations and private groups to create safe and affordable housing. Individuals and organizations may be eligible for one of the following programs: Rental Housing.

How much does social assistance pay in Manitoba?

Under the province’s current subsidy, single adults receive $677 per month for rent and basic needs under general assistance and those with disabilities receive $894 per month.

How much is family allowance in Manitoba?

Low-income families may be eligible for up to $420 tax free each year for every child. For a single parent of three children working full or part time and earning $15,000 or less, this totals $1,260 with partial benefits for parents who earn $15,000 to $20,000.

How do I get into Manitoba Housing?

All Manitoba Housing leasing offices will accept applications and can assist you in completing your applications. You can also call 204-945-4663 or toll-free at 1-800-661-4663 or e-mail us at

What is a living wage in Manitoba?

Wage for Manitoba. 2016–17 Update. The 2016–17 Living Wage for Winnipeg is $14.54/ hour; for Brandon it is $14.55 and for Thompson it is $15.28.

How much does a single person get on welfare in Manitoba?

Since 2016, welfare incomes have been relatively flat. In 2018, a single person with a disability received $12,403. The welfare income of a single person considered employable stood at $9,756.