Quick Answer: Can I Drive My Prius With The Red Triangle?

What does the triangle with exclamation point mean in a Prius?

The toyota prius warning light that has a triangle exclamation point indicates an issue with the battery..

How long can Prius sit without driving?

The article calculates that the nominal 36 mA load for an unpowered Prius will permit the car to sit for 32 days before the 12 volt battery is drained.

How many volts is a Prius battery?

201.6 VoltsPRIUS +/PRIUS v features a high voltage Hybrid Vehicle (HV) battery assembly that contains sealed Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cells. battery cells connected in series to produce approximately 201.6 Volts. Each Li-ion battery cell is non-spillable and in a sealed case.

Can you drive Prius with dead hybrid battery?

Prius is a parallel hybrid meaning that if one of the components fails, the vehicle can still operate until it can be repaired properly. The short answer to this question is yes,the Toyota Prius can still drive if the hybrid battery fails. You will get poor fuel economy and a rougher drive from it though.

Can Prius run on gas only?

The Toyota Prius is a parallel hybrid; this means it has a gasoline engine and electric motor that are separate from one another. Further, each can run on its own. Toyota designed the Prius so that it would utilize electric power (which it stores in the battery) instead of gasoline power whenever possible.

How long can you let a hybrid car sit?

The consensus is that leaving a hybrid with nickel-metal-hydride batteries such as yours stored for three months should be okay, but four-five months might be pressing it a bit. With the car shut off, there is no parasitic drain on the main battery so it will retain a charge for a long time.

What does red triangle mean on dashboard?

The red triangle is a warning light that means the engine needs checked and serviced.

Can you replace a Prius battery yourself?

The good news is that they can be replaced. The bad news is that this is not a job that can be done by every owner. Many owners who are comfortable with electronics and basic car repair do fix the battery themselves with Prius hybrid battery cells they buy online.

What happens when a Prius battery goes bad?

When the battery becomes discharged to a certain point, the car is programmed to fire up the gasoline engine, which normally would recharge the battery as it propels the car. … If that 12-volt battery is dead, the Prius won’t start, even if the main battery is fully charged.

How long do Prius batteries last?

ten yearsA Toyota Prius is a prime example of why hybrid cars work. Toyota boasts that the battery should last the lifetime of the car. Regardless, it should last for at least ten years or more than 150,000 miles. Best of all, you have options when you replace a Prius battery.

Can you jump start a Prius?

Jumping a Prius or another Toyota Hybrid isn’t much different than having to jump-start a gas-powered vehicle. To jump a Prius, you will need jumper cables, an assisting vehicle, and a solid metallic point.

What does a triangle with exclamation mark mean?

Answer. The triangle with an exclamation mark is an alert symbol used by many apps. You should be able to see what the triangle with an exclamation mark stands for by accessing your quick notifications.

Can you still drive a hybrid without the battery?

A hybrid vehicle cannot run without the hybrid battery, so vehicle owners must invest in new hybrid batteries periodically, which can make vehicle maintenance expensive. Fortunately, hybrid technology is always evolving. Modern batteries are more resilient than their older counterparts.

Can a Prius battery kill you?

Cummings says the issue stems from the high voltage cables running through the car’s frame, which are connected to the battery. … “Most of the amperage in the hybrids can be upwards of 100 amps or greater, so the potential to kill you is right there.”

Why does my Toyota Prius not start?

While there are a variety of reasons your Toyota Prius won’t start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter.