Quick Answer: What Is A CC Medicine?

What does 20 cc stat mean?

kaismama 7 Nov 2013.

Obviously its a liquid medication.

20 cc is 2/3 of an ounce.

Its also 4 tsps, but not a teaspoon like you use for eating..

What does CC mean Facebook?

carbon copyAnswered July 23, 2020 · Author has 1.3K answers and 848.2K answer views. The abbreviation “CC” being used in social media literally means “carbon copy”. This is not only restricted to social media; but also being used in business e. mails.

What is CC in college?

college confidential or community college.

What is CC in TikTok?

closed captionsOn TikTok, though, “CC” means closed captions. While subtitles assume the viewer can hear the video and is a mere transcription of dialogue, closed captions assume the user cannot hear the audio and includes both dialogue and other sounds.

Why do doctors say CC?

Medicinal liquids are usually measured using the metric system; “cc” is the abbreviation for cubic centimeter, and is the same as “’ml”, or milliliter. cc means cubic centimeter and this is equivalent to one milliliter of water or fluid in the metric system. 1/1000 of a liter . Doctors will often write this as ml.

What is a CC test?

Acronym. Definition. CC TEST. Component Check Test. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What does cc blood mean?

cubic centimeter (use ml instead—see the list of abbreviations used in prescriptions) chief complaint. cardiac catheter. carbon copy.

What is CC in psychology?

conditioned response AcquisitionConditioned Response (CR) The learned response to a previously neutral (now conditioned) stimulus. Conditioned Stimulus (CS) An originally irrelevant stimulus that, after association, with an unconditioned stimulus, comes to trigger a conditioned response. Acquisition (CC)

What is a CC in medical terms?

Also called cc, milliliter, and mL. …

Is a CC and a ML the same?

There is some confusion about metric words like milliliter (ml) and cubic centimeter (cc). These are just different names for the same amount of volume. In other words, one milliliter (1 ml) is equal to one cubic centimeter (1 cc).

Is 10 cc the same as 10 ml?

1ml is equal in volume measurement to 1 cc. Milliliters and cubic centimeters are the same volume however mls are usually used for liquids and gases while cubic centimeters are usually used for solids but not always so. They tend now to be interchangeable. yes, Since 1 CC = 1 ml, it makes sense that 10 CC = 10 ml.

What is CC weight?

Even though cc (cubic centimeter or cubic centiliter) is a measure of volume and the pound is a measure of weight, there is a way to calculate the relationship pretty closely. 1,000 cc = 1 liter. 1 liter (of water) weighs 1 kilogram. 1 kg = 2.2 pounds.

How much is 2 CC in a syringe?

About 1/3 of the way up the syringe, you should see a 1. This is 1 ml (1cc). 2/3 of the way up you should see a 2. This is the 2 ml (2cc) mark.

What does CC mean in engines?

cubic centimetresWithout getting too technical, the size of an engine refers to the total volume of air and fuel being pushed through the engine by the cylinders. It’s measured in cubic centimetres (cc). For example, a 1,000cc engine can displace one litre (1,000 cubic centimetres) of this air-fuel mixture.

What does CC mean in emails?

physical carbon copyJust like the physical carbon copy above, CC is an easy way to send copies of an email to other people. If you’ve ever received a CCed email, you’ve probably noticed that it will be addressed to you and a list of other people who have also been CCed.

What is the meaning of 2cc?

Two Character CodesDefinition. 2CC. Two Character Codes. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

Is 5cc the same as 5 ml?

What’s the difference between a cubic centimeter (cc) and milliliter (mL)? These are the same measurement; there is no difference in volume. The primary difference is that milliliters are used for fluid amounts while cubic centimeters are used for solids.

What does CC mean for movies?

Closed CaptioningThe label “CC” refers to Closed Captioning, where guests who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing may use a display unit to receive captions. For more information about Closed Captioning, please visit www.cineplex.com/Theatres/ClosedCaption.

What does CC mean YouTube?

Creative Commons licenses give a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work. YouTube allows creators to mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license. Other creators get to reuse your work subject to the terms of the license. …

What does CC mean in Forever Living?

Case CreditsCase Credits (CC’s) are the foundation of the Forever incentives. Case Credits are values that are assigned to each product in the Forever product range. As these credits accumulate, they determine if you are eligible to advance to higher levels in the Marketing Plan and qualify for various incentives.

How much is 1cc in MG?

mg is milligrams, cc is cubic centimeters. For water 1 cc = 1 g = 1000 mg.