Quick Answer: What Is An All Around Person?

What does all encompassing mean?

: including everything or everyone We’re unlikely to find an all-encompassing solution..

What is another word for all encompassing?

all-embracing, all-inclusive, comprehensive.

What does all around mean?

The definition of all around is having many talents or able to do many things. … All around is defined as comprehensive or complete. A person who has courses in many aspects of their chosen subject is an example of having an all around education.

What does best all around mean?

1 : considered in or encompassing all aspects : comprehensive the best all-around performance so far. 2 : competent in many fields an all-around performer.

What is another word for all around?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for all-around, like: global, specific, all-round, comprehensive, overall, wide-ranging, multifaceted, protean, broad, broad-spectrum and expansive.

What is a fancy word for family?

Find another word for family. In this page you can discover 116 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for family, like: kindred, clan, relations, familial, lineage, tribal, tribe, kinsmen, home, and patrimony.

What is all around player?

An all-around player is someone who does multiple things on the court. Regardless of their ultimate strength, there should not be a glaring weakness that makes it easy for opponents to expose.

What do you call a person that can do everything?

To describe a person or thing that can adapt to do many things or serve many functions, consider the adjective versatile.

Is All Around one word or two?

All-round vs. All Around “All-round” is an adjective meaning versatile or general. Example: He is an all-round mechanic. “All around” has the meaning of being all over a given area. Example: Fir trees were all around the cabin.