Quick Answer: What Is Paytm Wallet Number?

How can I get Paytm number?

Paytm 24*7 Customer Helpline NumbersMovies and Events Tickets0120-4728-728Paytm Mall Shopping Orders0120-4606060Paytm Travel Tickets and Forex0120-4880-880.

How can I get Paytm wallet statement?

Login to Business with Paytm App.Tap on Payments Icon given at the bottom left.Select the “Date Range”’ you wish to download statement.Click on “Download statement” to download.More items…

What is Paytm Wallet transaction ID?

Transaction ID : is the unique number generated by the system for every successful transaction. Order ID: unique number provided by you during file upload. Click on search button to complete your search.

Why I Cannot use Paytm wallet?

In case, any one of the parties have not completed their KYC, the transaction would not happen. Despite having completed the KYC process, to send an amount higher than Rs. 10,000, you will need to add the receiver as a beneficiary through your Paytm app.

How can I open Paytm account?

Steps to create Paytm account via app:Launch your Paytm app.Tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.Tap on ‘Create a New Account’Enter your mobile number, email address and a password.Tap on ‘Create a New Account’.You will get an OTP on the mobile number you entered.More items…

How can I get passbook in Paytm?

Paytm provides an easy access to track all your transactions. To check your past transactions, simply visit the ‘Passbook’ section of your Paytm app. Once you find the transaction you are specifically looking for, tap on it, and you will see the entire details of that particular transaction.

Where can I use Paytm wallet?

The online payment platform allows people to transfer money from their bank accounts to the Paytm wallet, which further can be used to pay bills at various places such as petrol pumps, departmental stores, restaurants, multiplexes, parking, hospitals and various other places where merchants provide the Paytm money …

How can I talk to Paytm executive?

Paytm Customer Service Hotline Paytm facilitates its users with a customer service hotline to contact their team of customer service. In case anyone has an issue or complaint regarding their products and services, simply dial the following numbers: 0120–3888–388 (Toll-free) 9643979797.

How do I know my bank transaction ID?

Step 1: First, open Google Pay on your device.Step 2: Next, scroll down the screen and tap See all payment activity.Step 3: On all transactions page, tap a transaction to see the UPI transaction ID.Step 1: First, open your SBI Yono app.Step 2: On the homepage, tap Accounts.Step 3: Next, open transaction details.More items…•

What is a transaction ID?

The transaction ID is a special set of numbers that defines each transaction. With its help, bank workers can identify the purchase that was made by the customer. … This one also can be used to authenticate the holder of the card before reporting the data about the payments of a particular customer.

How do I find transaction ID?

To locate your Skrill transaction ID, follow these steps:Log into your Skrill account.Click All Transactions.Search for required transaction.Click the transaction using the arrow in the left column. This will bring up the payment details including your transaction ID (it’s a string of 9-10 numbers)

What is the Paytm wallet?

Paytm Wallet is here! We bring you Paytm Wallet — a secure digital wallet that lets you manage your money with a touch; pay bills, make recharges, send money to friends & pay for purchases across various brands and services like Uber, Makemytrip, Bookmyshow and many more.

Can I use Paytm without phone number?

Paytm on Wednesday announced a new feature that will allow anyone to make payments using a Paytm wallet without Internet or smartphone. You will still need a smartphone (or access to a PC) in order to create your Paytm account, and link it to your phone number – and of course to load funds into the wallet.

Is Paytm money down?

At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at Paytm.

What is wallet number?

A wallet identifier, also known as a wallet ID, is like a username. You use it, along with your password, to log into your Blockchain.com wallet and access your digital assets.

Can I pay using Paytm wallet?

Paytm wallet is a digital instrument that allows you to make online and offline payments effortlessly. Paytm allows you to Add money to your Wallet through options like debit card, credit card, net banking or ATM card in the most convenient manner.

How do I use my wallet?

Whether you have an Apple®, Samsung, Android or other type of smartphone, all you need to do is enter your credit or debit card info into the wallet app. That’s as easy as taking a picture of your card or using your bank’s mobile app to seamlessly upload the information.

How do I find my wallet ID?

Your Wallet ID is a string of random letters and numbers that acts as a username. You can find it by navigating to the ‘General’ section of your Settings menu. Although it looks similar to an address, your Wallet ID cannot be used to send or request funds.

How do I sign up for e wallet?

Who can sign up for E-Wallet? Anyone can setup an E-Wallet. To create an E-Wallet profile, simply click “E-Wallet” from the My Account Dashboard tab. Then follow the simple process to enter credit card and back account information to complete the set-up.

How can I get proof of money from Paytm?

This statement can be submitted as an investment proof for income tax filing for income tax exemption under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961. You can request for it to be emailed to you in PDF format for your records to your email address you have registered in communication details.