What Is A RIF Sorority Recruitment?

What is a letter of support for sorority?

*LETTER OF SUPPORT: A personal letter written by an alumna endorsing you for membership in their sorority house..

What do you do at sorority recruitment?

Rush usually consists of a few rounds. During these rounds, sisters meet potential new members. The women talk, perform skits, sing songs and share personal stories about what the sisterhood means to them. As rush progresses, potential new members and sororities list their choices in order of preference.

Do you need recommendations for sorority?

Letters of recommendation are not required to participate overall in the recruitment process; however, letters of recommendation can provide an advantage. Ask your campus this question by calling the campus fraternity/sorority life office or looking to see if it is addressed on the campus’ sorority website.

How do you write a sorority REC?

How to Write (Format) A typical sorority recommendation letter should consist of 4-5 paragraphs, including an introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The letter must always begin with the salutation “To whom it may concern”.

What talents can you bring to a sorority?

What You Can Bring To A SororityLeadership. Being a strong leader is a critical quality for members of a sorority. … Civic engagement. Giving back to others is a fundamental principle of sororities. … Scholarship.Social skills. Sisterhood is a common term used to describe the lifelong bond among women in a sorority.

How many letters of recommendation do you need for Delta Sigma Theta?

One letterLETTER FROM A MEMBER OF DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED One letter of recommendation for both collegiate and alumnae applicants must be from a member of the Sorority.

How many letters of recommendation do you need for a sorority?

How many do I need? A sorority will only need one recommendation on a potential member. Having more than one recommendation sent to a particular sorority will not necessarily increase your chances of joining that sorority.

What is the best black sorority to join?

Here are some of the most popular black fraternities and sororities available to college students today:Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.Iota Phi Theta Fraternity.Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.More items…

How much does it cost to pledge Delta Sigma Theta grad chapter?

Your local chapter will give you information about how much the application costs to process. Once you’re a member, you’ll be expected to pay around $400 or $500 in national initiation fees and around $250 in chapter initiation fees.

Do sororities care about looks?

6 Look Hot Always Rank among the Greek life is based on appearance, both physically and within the Greek world. A lot of sororities have rules about dress, hair, and makeup, but many sororities will also take in women who simply fit the mould they’ve set out.

Does everyone get into a sorority?

Quota is set by the Panhellenic Council, which governs the sororities, as the the maximum each can accept as pledges. The sorority system at that school doesn’t guarantee a bid to everyone. If you really want to be a member of a sorority then your chances are better at a school with guaranteed bids.

What is bid day for a sorority?

Bid day is the final day of recruitment and can have several different outcomes: the PNM could receive a bid from her top choice, receive a bid from one of the other chapters she visited on preference night, not receive a bid, or receive a phone call offering a snap bid.

How do you address a letter to a sorority?

Address the rec letter “Dear Reference Chair” or “Dear Recruitment Team”, never address the letter (or any formal letter) “To Whom it May Concern”. Never lie on the rec letter. You want the girl to end up in the sorority that best matches her personality and her values or else she may not enjoy it as much.

Can active sorority members write recommendations?

Some sororities accept REC letters from women who are currently in sororities. These women do NOT have to attend the same college as you. … She could write you a recommendation letter for the Alpha Phi chapter at the University of Alabama.

How do you write a letter of recommendation for a sorority rush?

If you need to write a sorority recommendation letter, ask the applicant for background information on their previous accomplishments and reasons for wishing to join. Weave this information into a formal letter along with notes on your connection to the applicant and positive impressions you have of her.

How many volunteer hours for Delta Sigma Theta?

Current students are eligible to apply for Delta Sigma Theta if they have completed at least 36 quarter hours or 24 semester hours in a recognized baccalaureate program. Students pursuing an associate degree are not eligible.

What do rush sororities ask?

Questions Sorority Members May Ask You:Where are you from? What’s your hometown?What dorm are you in?What classes are you taking?Do you have a major already?Did you have a fun summer? … How are you enjoying rush/recruitment?Have you met your roommate yet? … How are you enjoying your first week of school so far?More items…

How much do you have to pay to be in a sorority?

Independent of all other costs and fees, a sorority chapter’s membership dues are what a sister pays explicitly to participate as a lettered member. A sorority sister’s dues average a little over $1,000 per semester, though this will vary by chapter and cost of operation.

Why did I get cut from a sorority?

Each sorority has a different way of ranking the women they meet, and all NPC groups have the same ideas on legacies so they are invited first. Then they go down the ranked list and cut off at the number panhellenic tells them to. If your name was the next one on the list, you will not be invited back.

What should a sorority resume look like?

The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: How to Write a ResumeMake your name jump from the paper when someone looks at the resume. … Include your contact information. … Include a picture of yourself. … DO include your weighted & unweighted GPA and class rank. … Please include your college and intended major. … Keep your activities and involvement short and sweet.More items…•

How do I ask for a letter of recommendation?

How to ask for a letter of recommendationCreate a list of 5–10 individuals best suited to write your recommendation letter. … Talk to each individual directly about the reason for the recommendation. … Send a thank-you to each individual who wrote a recommendation on your behalf. … Asking a professor or teacher. … Asking a coworker. … Asking a friend.